A productive day shooting

Today I had a great time shooting in London. I started in Camden, getting a few walk by hip shots, then grabbed a coffee and jumped on a 24 bus to Tottenham Court Road. Got a couple of general shots, but there was a lot of road works, so I headed to Leister Square & Trafalgar Square. 

The fountains in Trafalgar were dry and being cleaned, a peculiar scene indeed! I got a couple of shots with the gentleman cleaning the fountains, and started the march down to Embankment and Waterloo bridge. 

I got a great colour shot of the H's of P and the eye on Tuesday, but this time South Bank in general was my main visit. As always, great characters and some fantastic shots. I have noted that I have started to get more and more abstract reflection shots- perhaps this will develop into a project in and of itself. 

Anywho, photos up in the photography tab! 


- Sly