Will the Ricoh GRII still be relevant in 2018?

Welcome fellow street photographers. With rumours earlier this year about the next model of the Ricoh GR, I, like many a street tog, was beginning to froth at the mouth.

The cult camera that is the Ricoh GRII has been one of the most reliable cameras in my arsenal. It's wide, snappy, sharp, and small & inoffensive. It has been my perfect candid walk by camera, and has allowed me to create some fantastic photographs. The thought of a possible GRIII in 2017 got my gears lubricated. 

Alas, 2017 will not be the year for a Ricoh GRIII release. However, the GRII remains a reliable beast. But will it still be relevant in 2018, given all the competition? The short answer is yes. The GRII still remains one of the most affordable options, and despite a few limitations, contends with the best of them. 

If you are looking at compact street cameras, the GRII really should be near the top of the list. The handy flash, macro, and snap features, allow this pocket beast to remain fairly all-ground in terms of general performance. The RAW files are top quality, and I have no problem important and editing them in lightroom. The lens is sharp, and everything renders well. 

Should you wait for a GRIII? Well, at the moment it looks very unlikely that a GRIII is closed to being released. I am unable to find any true evidence of one being made when searching online.  My suggestion would be that a GRII is a great option right now, and you can pick them up fairly cheap used (or perhaps in a Christmas sale...). It does remain relevant, and certainly a cult classic, but I am sure fans are praying to the lords of Ricoh that a GRIII will be a great upgrade to the GRII.