Slyelessar Is A London Based Street Photographer, Musician, And Youtuber Whom Enjoys Gritty Urban Landscapes And Candid Street Shots.  Out Every Weekend In London Practicing Street Photography, He Is Always On The Look Out For Great Potential Images.

Slyelessar Shoots Both Black & White Film And Digital Photographs. Predominately Using Wider-Angle Lenses Such As 28mm And 35mm, He Also Dabbles With Standard Prime Lenses. 

"Originally Being Into Colourful Landscape Photography When Living In Australia And Travelling Around New Zealand, I Have Found That Gritty Street Photography Is My Calling Back Here In 'Sunny' Old England."

This Website (Not For Profit) Is For Slyelessar's Blog, Photographs, Videos, And Other Content. 

Of Course, The Slyelessar Videos Would Not Be Possible Without Sly's Loyal Companion Cameraface. Keep Your Eye Out For Outtakes At The End Of Videos. 


The Gear

Sly Can Always Been Seen wearing A Billingham Hadley Pro.

Although The Film Cameras And Digital Camera And Lens Combos Can Vary, 4k Youtube Videos Are Shot On An Olympus OM-D E-M1 MKII.

Meet the gang!

In 35mm form!



Cameraface - Sly’s Youtoob Sidekick And Long Time Friend. His Nemesis Is The Canadian Goose.



Emily - Talented With A Camera, Emily Has A Knack For Finding Odd Things Such As Cervical Gloves During Shoots.


Sir William Murdergirth

You Know Stupid Things Are Going To Happen When Sly & Sir William Get Together! Fellow Photographer, And Owner Of A Wide Gaping Heart.


Pete Thor

Pete Is A Freelance Photographer Living In Helsinki. You Will Find Him In Sly’s Finland Based TubeYou Vids.