This week! 

Photography Holidays.


This week has been mostly about planning my holiday to Finland, and so I thought I would do a video about 'planning a photography holiday'. 

It's always important to remember to keep is simple, you want to ideally enjoy as much time as possible, and not want to worry about loads of clothes and gear. 



  • Choosing a lens for video

Next week: Helsinki! Finland! Expect the next couple of videos to be Helsinki themed. Photowalks with the Leica M6 and Olympus Em1 MKII !!

A big thank you to my subscribers, keep the comments coming :-)


Also This Week

I have been going through my equipment, looking at potential future videos for when I am back from Finland. I also have to pick up my Olympus 35 SP that has been repaired, and drop off my 35 UC to be fixed!