This Week!

The Old band is back together, and started working on some new material


This week I have mostly been ill!

This week sees the start up of the old band getting back together to write and record. We were quite rusty, but have decided to document behind the scenes - more of this coming in the future, keep your eyes peeled on the youtube account.

Before taking a holiday break, I was in the process of recording a large number of videos for my joint gaming channel with cameraface called ‘Sunaru Gaming’. Once we have enough videos edited, and have a proper logo on the go, we will be going full on with the gaming channel.

I will still be keeping my channel as a main channel, however they will be slightly less photography content, as I cannot afford to keep it going by my own means. It is a lot cheaper to spend spare cash on the gaming, as the equipment is just much cheaper.

Please feel free to continue to ask photography equipment questions, and suggesting ideas for videos!


Sunaru Gaming

Coming soon… The origins of Sly & Cameraface stems from Sunaru Project. Sunaru gaming is an extention of this… 10 years later.

We are currently doing a lot of content for this channel. This also means a big change is coming to slyelessar.com! Keep your eyes peeled!

Fun Up North

I have been loving spending time up north taking photos with the Olympus EM1 MKII.



So my old band are holding talks, and may be getting back together with a bigger online presence. Updates coming soon! Photo courtesy of Pete Thor Photography.

Even More News! (youtube)

My youtube banner looked extremely dated, and I felt I needed to update it. I currently use Bannersnack for my thumbnails for vids, and they just so happen to do banners as well, so I thought I would make one. I make no money from this company, just being honest about what I use.

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