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China Town: 02/03/2019 - Ricoh GRII


I met up with cameraface this weekend to catch up (it has been a while!). Whilst waiting for him to turn up, I went around central London doing a bit of street togging. I have started falling in love with the GRII again, and I am looking forward to the GRIII to be released!

I have also been trying to take it easy recently, as there has been a lot going on in my life. However, cameraface and I will be getting together soon for more Shenanigans!

The photo on the left was taken in China Town in London.


  • My favourite lenses (So far!)

Next Few weeks: 

  • Ricoh GRIII pending…

  • GRII & GRIII Comparisons


Out doing photography again!

A photo taken on my Ricoh GRII - Uploaded whilst listening to Zeppelin on Vinyl! Good times ;)


Ricoh GRII Fun

One of my favourite recent street photographs, taken in London on the Ricoh GRII


Coming Soon… I promise

Mamiya Sekor C 55mm F2.8 lens, on the Mamiya 645, on Portra 400.

Even More News! (youtube)

My youtube banner looked extremely dated, and I felt I needed to update it. I currently use Bannersnack for my thumbnails for vids, and they just so happen to do banners as well, so I thought I would make one. I make no money from this company, just being honest about what I use.

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