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This Week!

Editing galore!


This week I have mostly been playing PES20 & Borderlands 3!

Absolutely loving Borderlands 3, the devs did a great job. It is something we have discussed about live streaming where possible!

A lot of editing has been done recently by both myself and cameraface for the gaming channel, and it is paying off- we have some great content coming for you guys, so keep your eyes peeled!!
Moving ever closer to recording the new material, rehearsals will take a break whilst I am in Finland with cameraface next week!

A big thank you to Alice AKA sleepygoblin on youtube for doing the artwork for Sunaru Gaming.

Please feel free to continue to ask photography equipment questions, and suggesting ideas for videos!


What Next For Our Two Zeros?

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On the left is artwork from the talent creating our art:


Team Sly or Team CF? You decide!

New gaming channel outfits! Forced to wear these by Zeus, our heroes must battle it out on the console wars



Documentary is currently being made! Keep an eye out on miLarKey Channel for updates!

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