This week!

I have been converting my B&W images into colour!


Apologies, I have had a difficult couple of weeks in my personal life, so I have been unable to record and upload videos.

I will still reach my quota of a video for each week in a year, but please bear with me. Thank you for the support from my subscribers! 

** I have been converting my black & white photographs into digital, and I have uploaded these to the photography section in the menu! PLEASE CHECK THESE OUT!! **


  • Ricoh GRIII announced: My thoughts

  • Going from black and white to colour

Coming up in the near future:

  • Ricoh GRIII announced!  - Overview of the release information, and discussions around this. 

  • Podcast with Sir William coming soon! 

  • Olympus 35RC photowalk(s) and overview

The channel is gaining more and more momentum, a big thanks to everyone who is subscribing!


New Colour photography album!

I have put a lot of time and effort into converting my photographs into colour from Black & White! Please check them out :)-

Video throw back below! Battle of the Zuiko 40mm with Emily: