This Week!

This Popular little rangefinder is a great little camera, but isn’t quite a good as the 35RD.


The Olympus 35RC overview was this weeks video. I tried a different technique for the overview, and feel it came together well.

This camera is all about being small, Inoffensive, and easy to use. Yes, it is popular with street shooters, but falls short of the 35RD. The 35RC is stall a brilliant camera, and worth owning.

It has mostly been work, work, work, but I have several half videos that need completing in the near future! You will see more 35 Series as well as some medium format and OM goodness.


  • Ricoh FF-1

Next week: 

  • You may see some more medium format


Having To Sell my Gimbal

Needs must, as it has been a long month so far. I am having to sell the fantastic Zhiyun Crane M! This should help me get through the month.


Olympus 35UC

Overview coming soon!


Coming Soon…

Olympus 35ED is a beautiful little camera. But can I get it working in time to make a video?


Also Coming soon…

A Video featuring the Ricoh FF-1 film camera! I have had this camera a long time, but have yet to put a roll of film through it! Well, I have started gathering footage for this unique little camera. Sir William may make a sneak cameo in this one ;)


News: Voice Over Work Coming Soon

Yes it is about time I did better voice overs. In fact, I intend to try and mingle generic video talk with voiceovers in an attempt to take a step forward with my video making. Knowing me it’ll be rather Ad Lib, but I always enjoy trying new things!

More News:

My site has been updated. All the pages have been streamlined, and the photographs have changed. It has taken quite a bit of work in my spare time, but I am fairly happy with it. Feel free to browse the site and feedback!

Even More News! (youtube)

My youtube banner looked extremely dated, and I felt I needed to update it. I currently use Bannersnack for my thumbnails for vids, and they just so happen to do banners as well, so I thought I would make one. I make no money from this company, just being honest about what I use.

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