This Week!

The Great Awkward Finnish Quiz is out 7th November!!!


The Great Awkward Finnish Quiz will be out this week - one of the best videos we have done! Check it out on Thursday 7th November! Check it out below :-)

We have been working hard on content for Sunaru Gaming - including Borderlands 3, getting the new Versus series recorded, and planning through Christmas and the new year.

We have a couple of good series coming out very soon!

Other than that, I have mostly been working and editing material.

A big thank you to Alice AKA sleepygoblin on youtube for doing the artwork for Sunaru Gaming.

Please feel free to continue to ask photography equipment questions, and suggesting ideas for videos!


Borderlands 3

Sunaru Gaming Currently Recording Borderlands 3 Series! Out in December!


What Next For Our Two Zeros?

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On the left is artwork from the talent creating our art:

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