Bergger Pancro 400 35mm film thoughts

I have now been shooting Bergger Pancro 400 for a while now. I have shot it at various asa (ISO) settings across various camera and lens combinations. My favourite combinations so far have been with the OM-1 with 24mm F2 at 400 asa, and Ricoh GR1V at 800asa. Although I have shot this film at 1600, it is less impressive than say shooting Tri-X at 1600.

BP400 is a fine grain film, and the acuity produced with this film has is very nice (regardless of developer). It looks very flat when scanned, but this means the scans have a bit more ‘wiggle’ room when it comes to editing. I have had some fantastic results at asa400, and I am looking forward to having some larger prints made from a couple of the exposures taken on this film.

Overall, I am very impressed. The clarity of image at asa400 is impressive, and I have had people second guess that an image is actually produced from 35mm film. The film has great latitude, and once scanned the film is flat and can be edited for more contrast. I am actually considering moving over to Pancro 400 as my main 35mm film, as you can also get some fantastic results at 800asa.

Completely different to HP5 or Tri-X, this film won’t be for everybody, but is worth trying a roll. This film is lovely for portraits and urban architecture.