This week!

Fuji Pro 400H (M6) at Seurasaari- FINLAND!


This weeks video was shot at both St Katherine’s docks, and aboard the Thames barge: The Lady Daphne!

I met sir william at the docks, we had breakfast/ lunch and then went around the docks shooting the boat festival.

The second half of the video was shot going down the Thames on the Lady Daphne! This was a great experience, and we really enjoyed the trip (and the bar!)

This is the first time Sir William has been in a video, and I hope to do more photography videos with him in the near future!

It also featured some much, much older tracks music-wise, that I have been keeping away from my videos because they were mostly test tracks from years ago. But they seem to work in short bursts.


  • Der Leica

Next week:

  • Video action with cameraface! Likely to involve the Olympus 35DC or 35RC.

The channel is gaining more and more momentum, a big thanks to everyone who is subscribing!


Olympus Em1 MKII Street Photography

First time I have properly tried the Em1 MKII with 12-100mm F4 Pro IS for street photography, and I really enjoyed doing it. After the Classic Boat festival, and the trip on the Lady Daphne, I headed onto South Bank with Sir William to do some general photography!