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 Taking time away from their galactic beer service, and under the ever watchful eye of zeus, the Sunaru project has taken time to start a gaming channel. What adventures await Sly & Cameraface?

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The Sunaru Project

Armed with a guitar and keyboard, the Sunaru project spent their early days making music and delivery beer throughout the galaxy. These days, they can be found on planet Earth indulging in playing video games poorly.

Photo courtesy of Pete Thor Photography.

So what happens when you try to take command of an olympian god? It takes its thumb and pins you down, forcing you to make up for your insolence by working for them delivering mystical beer throughout the galaxy. So what happens when you slack off from this work? Sunaru gaming is what happens!

Video series:

  1. Sunaru Gaming Co-op series:

    1. Watch Sly & Cameraface take on games together, and failing miserably

  2. The Pizza Cup

    1. Watch Sly & Cameraface battle it out over 10 games. Whoever has the least amount of wins at the end of 10 games, buys the pizza.

  3. Good Git

    1. Watch our heroes struggle to play games they are useless at. It’s funny, but do they deserve your pity?

  4. Follow though

    1. Watch our heroes play through some of their favourite and most interested games

  5. Sunaru Podcast

    1. We talk about life, gaming, answer your questions, and general AOB

Trailer for channel:

Current Pizza Cup Scores:







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Please submit a message on the ‘Contact’ option at the top of the page. We cannot promise to respond to everything, but we appreciate any messages sent.

We are also taking questions for a Q&A section of our podcast. Let us know what you want to know, and we will answer it.

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Artwork created by the talented Alice Whitmarsh AKA Sleeepygoblin on instagram and youtube. Check her out:

We are not-for-profit. All videos are made off of our own back, we do not make money from our videos.

You want to know what Sunaru means? It’s Uranus backwards. So, it’s Uranus gaming - Sly.