Features Overview

So what is the ‘Zuiko battle of the 40mm’s’ about?

Olympus boast some of the best standard (and wide) lenses in their vintage range. Over the years they have produced quite a number of camera lenses in the 40mm standard range. These stem from early rangefinders all the way to the Zuiko OM 40mm F2 pancake for the OM SLRs. 

after researching, not many people on YouTube have reviewed or showcased what these lenses are/ what they can do. With this in mind, I have decided to make a number of videos to do exactly that.

In order to actually do this with the photo walk videos, I have (and will need), the help of another photographer. A head-to-head shoot using the same film, which in this case is Fujifilm Neopan 400CN. 


Zuiko OM 40mm F2 vs 35RD (both 40mm 6 elements)

The first video was the 40mm F2 pancake on the OM range vs the 40mm F1.7 lens on the 35RD. The reason behind this being the first video was because they are the most comparable (both 6 lement 40mm lenses).

  • The OM 40mm F2 is the most 'well-rounded', with good results, and a short focus through.  
  • The 35RD is a top quality lens, and is attached to an even smaller camera

The Zuiko OM 40mm F2 vs 35SP (Battle of the beasts)

The OM series rangefinders was Olympus' flagship range. It only makes sense the only 40mm offering (40mm F2 pancake), takes on the top-of-the-line Olympis 35SP, with it's 42mm F1.7 lens. Realistically, the lens on the 35SP is a better quality lens, but it may or may not be held back by the rangedinder it is attached to. 

  • The OM 40mm F2 pancake is Olympus' most well rounded lens. With a short focusing distance, F2 aperture, and tiny size
  • The Zuiko 42mm F1.7 is a seven element in 5 groups lens. One of the best lenses Olympus ever made, it is attached to their top-of-the-line, fully featured, Olympus 35SP


Olympus 35SP vs Olmypus 35UC (Aesthetic vanity) 

Technically these two cameras are the same. The pack the same hardware, with the exception of the UC having a battery check button that my copy SP does not. This comes mostly down to Aesthetics, but there is not much information out there on the UC.

  • Both cameras: 
    • 42mm F1.7 seven elements in 5 groups lens
    • Fully manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, fully automatic
    • Light meter & spot metering