Premiere CC issues

So Premiere CS6 has been a loyal companion for this videographer. My only gripe has been the crap, non-user friendly, colour correction tools. Colour correction has not been my strong point, as my subscribers will attest to, however it is something I have been working on. 

After checking out Premiere CC recently via their free trial, I loved that the colour (sorry adobe there’s a U in there!) tab was very much like the tab used in lightroom. Meaning you had sliders for exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. This is right up my street, and I feel this is the best way to go, especially for budding videographers. 

Now, CS6 was not perfect, and sometimes I had issues with my projects. However, I could always recover them, and it would always find files from any memory cards that were plugged into my MacBook Pro. 

Premiere CC does not. Not only did it struggle and fail to load from backup, but it also could not find the files on the memory cards and load them. I did not panic, as something similar happened in CC recently, and I managed to work around it by loading it into CS6. Not this time...

Premiere CS6 could not load the project created in CC due to ‘corruptions in the file’. This was very frustrating, as I had pooped 4-5 hours into editing the previous day. This is something that really needs correcting in an update. I now have to spend a solid 5-7 hours editing and rendering the video in one go, because I do not trust Adobe Premiere CC. 

I will message Adobe and get their outlook on it, however I am not impressed so far. The only redeeming feature I have found in CC is the Col(u)or editing, which is fantastic. This is the only reasons I moved over to CC, but it is not worth the hassle if I am going to have project issues with CC.

My suggestion to anyone reading this and looking into CC is: Make sure you backup your files, and perhaps make a render of any project before you close it. This way, you will always have something to use if there are any issues. 

Food for thought - Sly.