Shooting film photography videos

So going out and shooting film on video has become the latest development in my life as a London street photographer. I have a lot of equipment that there isn't much decent review or footage of on youtube. This makes it very easy to go out and shoot videos with. 

For example, most of the vintage Zuiko OM line has not been covered on youtube. This is always the direction I have gone with my camera gear reviews, as I lean towards putting information out on these amazing cameras and lenses. This has now evolved from images and story telling/ reviewing at my desk to hitting the streets and shooting, allowing viewers to see the journey unfold. 

Granted, being filmed draws more attention that usual, and as such does make general candid photographs harder to get. I have gone from being my close/ in your face street photography, to being more laid back and holding out for shots. This benefits filming the street photography more, and is better for the workflow of shooting- developing - scanning- and then editing the videos. 

What have I learned so far? With each video the content is getting better. Not just general shots which started off with medium format camera on a tripod, to going more mobile with 35mm range finders and SLRS-  to capturing more of my humour, which is important in allowing personality to shine through. 

I have enjoyed laying in some of my old music, as well as editing in some of the raw live audio in sections so the video does not feel detached from the situation. One of my songs has become my 'theme tune', and I have now been editing in the mistakes and comedy moments at the end of the videos. 

You can look forward to more Zuiko OM videos in the near future, intertwined with some Rolleiflex and Mamiya 645 1000S videos. I plan on moving around to challenges after I have shot a number of lens, location, and camera videos. 

- Sly