In London tomorrow (6th Jan)

Going to be in London tomorrow street togging! Should be capturing some on location footage, specially of me shooting medium format. 

This will be the first time I have someone with me filming me - it should be interesting. Hopefully all the equipment works, as I cannot take my DAW set up to record audio. I will be going straight into the Shure Lav mic Pro+. I have filmed using this before, but it has been hit or miss. 

I will be shooting the Mamiya 645 1000S (55mm F2.8 len), with Ektar 100 pushed to 400. It is likely I will turn these into my usual B&W, especially as it will be a great and overcast day with very grey locations. 

I will be very selective with the shots that I get. I will also either take my OM-1 or 35 RD. If the weather is bad I will likely just shoot digital and and reduce the locations to basic areas/ make a street photography tutorial. 

I will see you on the streets! - Sly