Vote for me - World Street Photography 5 book

Please click the above link, sign up, and vote if you get the chance! One of my personal photographs is up for voting to be in the World Street Photography 5 photobook! 

It is an honour to be selected, however it is now down to the amount of votes it can pick up. This photograph is currently in my London Street Portraits gallery on this site. It is the woman getting out of the London cab, that nearly knocked the camera out of my hand when she randomly opened the door. I happened to click the shutter just before she noticed she nearly hit me. I love the shot, and the anecdote that goes with it. 

I reviewed the world street photography 4 book on my youtube channel last year, and there were some amazing entries. If you are into street photography and fancy entering a competition, please enter the site, as it showcases worldwide street togging talent! 

See you on the streets, and thank you for your time :) - Sly