Going C41 from Black & White

Although at heart I am still a black & white photographer, for the recent Mamiya 645 1000S videos; I have been using C41 processed film. I have used colour film in the past, I love Portra 400 very much, I have branched out a fair bit this time. I may keep this a running theme for videos, hoping this does not get in the way of my Norma street photography. 

So pushing Ektar 100 to 400 yields interesting results, but purely on an experimental level. This film was clearly not meant to be pushed two stops. However, there are not manly videos on YouTube that have done this, and pushing film is what I tend to do. 

Now the Fujifilm Pro 400H is another matter altogether. Pushed from 400asa to 800asa (1 stop), this film looks great in medium format. Pleasing, more subdued colours, but the acuity of the film itself looks great. It would be interesting to see what this film looks like pushed to 1600, but I suspect it will look more Lomography than photography - but perhaps we shall see. This is a film I am happy to shoot again. 

I would like to try 120 rolls of Portra 160 and 400. I would also like to shoot some Velvia at box speed in the summer for landscape stuff. I have already shot Ilford XP2 in 120, and found it okay, but I would like to do a side-by side comparison with Fujifilm 400CN (C41 B&W)- perhaps a shoot out video in the future?

The pros to shooting C41? The main upsides are time saved and money saved. B&W development costs a lot more, and always takes longer when putting a film in for development (certainly anywhere local to me). This makes C41 perfect for videos, as they can be recorded, edited, and film developed and scanned within 24 hours. Very handy for someone who works full time. 

The last two Mamiya 645 1000S videos have been fairly popular, and I will be pursuing this further for another couple of videos, as the formula seems to work well for me and for viewers. I will be moving back over to Olympus and Zuiko videos soon, but I am enjoying the medium format videos very much. 

See you soon - Sly.