Memory card failure/ full

This is something that every photographer dreads, and usually one that we try to prepare for. However, there will be times when we get caught out. No matter how many spare memory cards you have or how many times you backup and format your main cards, there will be the odd day that you forget to do all of this. 

Today was a such a day for me. Batteries charged (alas no film cameras today), I arrived at Portobello market ready to shoot, and at first did not realise I was shooting video instead of stills (in 4K no less...). Once I rectified this and deleted the video files of random people as I walk past, I managed to fire off a short amount of photos before being told that both memory cards were full. Frustrating, but I brought my GRII for general street portraits.

'Error format card'. Never generally an issue except I had forgotten to back the images up on my external hard drive. However, after taking memory card out and inserting it again (along with a camera reset), I was able to go and do some street photography. 

Lesson learned: Nobody is perfect and you will forget things, and technology will fail you. However, double checking the night before is always best. I usually always check my gear the night before, but on this occasion I didn't. 

Side note: Always format your cards on the computer once you have backed up the photographs onto an external drive. Deleting images on the camera as you go could potentially cause card issues. Always format in the camera as well.

Until next time - Sly.