Catch up!

I haven't disappeared, I have just taken a short break. I have had quite a few big things happen in my personal life. However, I have been dabbling with some landscape and wood photography with friends (feel free to check out my flickr page). 

Just an update on what is happening and what is coming... I will be going to Helsinki for a week on the 26th August! looking forward to doing some street photography and some landscape stuff over there, as well as finding out more about the country! looking forward to that. 

I am also transitioning my digital set up at the moment, from a Fujifilm X-T1 to a Fujifilm X-T2, and looking forward to shooting and recording with it. You may have seen more videos go up last month, I will be doing a few whilst I am in Finland, and have been working on one the last week or so. 

Please keep checking out this site and my youtube! All still relevant and thanks so much for the support! more coming very soon :D