Shooting in the rain

Living in London comes with a wealth of problems, one of the biggest hurdles for a street photographer is battling the weather. I got caught out today; my set up was not correct for the weather. I took my Olympus Trip 35 (I fancied using the 40mm lens), and Ricoh GR1V. 

Both of these particular cameras are not fit for damp or wet conditions. I also to my GRII digital camera, which got brief use in Camden. I should have taken more weather resistant gear. Granted weather resistant does not mean you can use it in the pissing rain, but I like to be able to test my gear, and have found of the limits of something like my Fujifilm X-T1/ 35mm F2 combo with rain.

I headed out to Camden with no coat and no umbrella. Luckily, my Billingham is water proof, so this saved my bacon. I was okay shooting in the old stables, but there was too much of a downpour out in the open streets, and my GR1V got rather wet - whoops! 

Always pack your camera bag according to the weather and what you intend to shoot! It may seem like a no brainer, but even a seasoned street togger can head out without taking this sort of thing into account. 

I am having the film developed and will upload by the end of the week. I didn't really manage to get any worthwhile shots on digital, as I wanted to predominantly shoot film on this occasion. That was my first mistake, I should have prepared for the weather. Still, I managed to have a nice lunch, met a fellow photographer at Morning Crescent, found a new camera shop (although the staff didn't seem to be very knowledgable...). All in all a not such a bad day - looking forward to seeing those negatives! 


Until next time, peace and love street toggers - Sly.

Source: camdendawg