Rode Smart Lav+

So I have had the Rode Smart Lav+ for a few months now. As someone with an audio engineering background, I have always recorded the audio to my videos on mostly dynamic studio microphones like the Audix OM2 or i5, and the Shure SM57, etc. I decided that always having a honking microphone in front of my face in videos was a pain. I would always bump it or move my head away whilst talking. 

Apart from a need for mic technique, I did try getting the rode video mics, but never really gelled with them. I discovered the Rode smart lav+ a few months back and decided to pick it up. This would allow me to do videos out on location if I wanted to, but would allow me to move around how I wanted. 

However, due to the fact that the app specifically designed for this mic was only on IOS, havin an android mobile phone meant that I struggle to find a decent app for recording. I would always end up importing the audio into my DAW (recording software) and editing it. 

I managed to finally purchase the app on IOS for my iPad Pro, but now I had the issue of not being able to do a bunch of stuff on my iPad Pro whilst recording. I managed to get hold of a 1st generation iPhone - yes 1st generation - and downloaded the app. Now I am able to fully make use of this device. 

The results have been much better for this. In conclusion, if you are looking into getting this for blogging or recording audio then I do recommend it on IOS. We can only hope that Rode release an app for android in the near future. However, I can’t see this happening any time soon.