Procreate on the iPad pro

As mentioned previously in my “Duet & Astropad for photographers” blog, Procreate is one of my favourite apps. Essentially Procreate is a creative tool for drawing & designing. There are elements that pertain to photography, however I have mostly used it as a drawing and painting app.

I recently got more into drawing. I am by no means fantastic, but I do enjoy the odd sketch and paint. I have to say, utilising the layers and all the different tools within the app make it very easy, and a clean and easy way to be artistic. 

My mother paints, and is really into her art. She has spent a session or two on the iPad (technology is not something that necessarily come easily to her), and she really enjoyed the app. It was functional, simple, and produced a good quality results. 

Having spent quite a few hours with this app now, it is something I intend to use fairly often to help me explore a creative side that has pretty much been left dormant since senior school. You can use your fingers or the Apple Pencil. Using the Apple Pencil is far more satisfying, and its works fantastically well. The sensitivity in random with the screen produces very similar results to real paper and pencils. I can see a designer loving this application.

In terms of photography, you can import photographs and draw/ sketch over them. Handy to picking up where leading lines and other elements come into play within the frame. I am sure someone with a lot more skill and hours logged, could render in some really interesting elements into an actual photograph. However, I do not do this with my street photography.

Anywho, I thought I would just put my thoughts on this app on my blog, as it is something I use in a creative fashion. 

- Sly