Photography this Christmas?

Do you feel Christmassy this year? A question I was asked earlier. The answer is; no. I usually enjoy Christmas - or certainly used to. It doesn’t feel quite how it used to. 

Photography-wise, Christmas makes me think of reds, greens, and bokeh Christmas lights. This time last year I was playing around with my Samyang 85mm F1.4, a beautiful lens. Great micro contrast, and lovely Bokeh. 

The other side of it makes me think of freezing cold, wet, street photography in London. There is something about the light this time of year, it gives off great shadows. However, I may not visit London this side of Christmas. It gets very busy and awkward, and I have yet to finish my Christmas shopping! 

Gear wise, I have my eye on a possible micro Four Thirds camera for videos, zuiko 50mm F1.2, or an 85mm F2. The camera shop called, my Olympus 35 RD has been CLA’d and is ready to be picked up - guaranteed photos coming in, and a possible review. 

I could do with some more 35mm film, and there are a couple of photography related apps I would like to get for my IPad Pro. 

So what photography goodies do you have your eye on this Christmas? 

Have a good one - Sly.