Creativity and illness

Being human; our immune systems are subject to attack from outside forces. When illness strikes, creativity and drive go out the window in order for your body to focus on driving out the invading force.

There are some instances however, where you can be ill but still want to be creative. Issues that arise at this point are usually a lack of energy or a need to be near a bed or toilet. So what can you do to be creative when ill?

Firstly, rest and recovery is key. Once you are near enough back to normal you will be able to be as creative as you like. If you have an illness that is taking longer to bugger off, then there are a few suggestions I have for you.

The first suggestion is make a list of things you want to do when you are better, or perhaps a smaller list of what you are able to do with your lack of energy. Writing a blog entry like this is something that is on my list. I can just about manage a page of typing, and if I don’t have the energy or brain capacity I can just stop.

Another suggestion is drawing and sketching. Again, this is something that you can start doing and stop if you are too unwell to continue. At any point, please make sure you are focused on getting well rather than draining energy causing you to be ill longer. However, I totally understand that the need to be creative can be a strong driving force.

when it comes to photography or music, it can be a little more difficult. As both of these require a lot more energy than just sitting down and drawing/ writing. Once again, you could make lists of goals or ideas for either. You could put your camera batteries on charge or scribble down a quick riff or phrase.

The key to it all is patience. Once you are fully recovered you will be able to do a great deal more.

Sincerely rambling on,