JCH Street Pan 400

So I have now shot several rolls of JCH street pan 400. An extremely contrasty roll, that is made specially for being pushed and pulled. 

I have shot this 35mm film on a several cameras, and with a few lenses. Firstly, this film has a fantastic dark and gritty feel that works fantastically well for street photography. I tend to push my film to either 800 or 1600, so I have been shooting this film at those two ASA's.

I feel the best results have come from shooting this film on my olympus OM-1 with the 40mm F2 pancake lens. This is a really versatile normal focal length lens, with sharp rendering. Paired with the JCH street pan 400, it has gotten crsip, clear, contrasty results. 

Conversely, this film was not so good with the Yashica ML 50mm F1.4. This was a surprise, as I feel it is the sharpest, clearest 50mm lens I own (and I own and have owned quite a few). My only really deduction is because this lens has fantastic micro contrast, and works really well with less contrasty films. The micro contrast seems to be less pronounced due to the high contrast produced by the film. 

Conclusion: This film is specifically made for street photography, and although you could use it for other genre's, it's strengths lie in gritty, high contrast, street shots. The film is not cheap in the UK, and not easily available. However, it would be great for a unique project or novelty, certainly 5-10 rolls would make a fantastic christmas present for a street tog. 

As with anything, this 35mm film is worth trying. It may or may not be for you, but I have gotten some really interesting shots with it. 

- Sly